Introducing the New Christie RF80-M®

The First Aircraft Battery Charger/Analyzer with Touch Screen Display

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ABMS-10X Battery Management System for RF80-M

PC control, cell scanning, temp monitoring, diagnostics and automated processing.

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MA24DX Cell Clip-Off Module for Ni-Cd Batteries

Convenient, safe and efficient cell clip-off for deep discharge cycling.

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New Products


About Marvel Aero

Marvel Aero International is the world's leading value-added supplier and service center for Christie Aircraft Battery Charger/Analyzer Products used in Military, Aerospace and Aviation applications. Marvel Aero offers a complete line of advanced software and hardware products and systems specifically designed to increase aircraft battery shop efficiency by using advanced data acquisition and closed-loop control technology. Marvel Aero provides Aircraft 28-volt DC Ground Power Units (GPU), Lead-Acid Battery Restoration System, Chemical Battery Analyzers and Distilled Water Systems.

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Featured Product

Our New ABMS-10X Battery Management System provides control of up to 10 Christie RF80-M Charger/Analyzers on a single PC. Featuring individual cell scanning & diagnostics, battery temperature monitoring and expanded battery processing capability, this user-friendly system represents the latest evolution of our popular ABMS product series.

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New - ABMS Certified Battery Maintenance Facility

Marvel Aero International is now offering a new "ABMS Certified Battery Maintenance Facility" program for existing and new customers using the ABMS-10X Aircraft Battery Maintenance System.

Certification includes an on-site facilities assessment and in-depth technical training on battery maintenance procedures using the ABMS-10X Aircraft Battery Maintenance System.

For complete details, please send us an email:

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